About Mr. Aww

Bro aww

The Bro aww comes from the rated galaxies outside the Milky Way. Rated’s people are friendly and peaceful, and they love collecting stars. And Bro aww is one of them. He accidentally traveled to the earth for thousands of light-years and wanted to collect the stars and bring back the stars. Of course, he had to help the earth people to get the joy and get the stars, so there is any happiness demand. Please asking Bro aww!

Our Story

After aww came to Earth, he summoned several people on Earth, hoping to find the stars that were left everywhere through this platform.

awwrated Introduction


Harry Chuang

Product Designer
Front-End Developer

Evan Yen

Super Crawler
Full-Stack Developer

Patrick Wang

Front-End Ops
Front-End Developer

Carter Chen

Back-End Developer
Super Dog Trainer

Donna Wang

Marketing Communication
Social Media Manager

Don Lee

Project Manager
Full Stack Developer


Jessie Wang

Super Copywriter

Julie Chang

Mountaineering expert